General Info

Curaçao is located approximately 35 miles off the northwestern coast of Venezuela. The island is about 444 sq. kilometers (171 sq. miles) in size, is characterized by low hilly terrain and low humidity due to the constant northeast breezes, and enjoys a mild tropical climate, fairly constant throughout the year. The average temperature is 28°C (76°F) and the island does not receive much rainfall. Willemstad is the capital of Curaçao.

The temperate climate of Curaçao invites the casual clothes of summer, and the no-press fabrics are ideal for both men and women who like to travel light. Trade winds bring fresh breezes from the sea. Bring two or more swimsuits and, even if you are a seasoned sunbather, some cover-ups for coping with the Caribbean’s tanning sun.

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History comes alive in the stunning architecture to be seen all across the island — especially in its capital city, Willemstad. Visit to learn more about our exquisite Curacao colonial architecture, like:

  • Dutch Colonial Influences;
  • Historic Architecture Colors;
  • Landhuizen ( Country Houses);
  • Forts;
  • Unesco;
  • Bridges.


Based on its natural beauty, authentic Dutch architectural heritage, and cultural diversity, Curaçao offers exciting opportunities as a tourist destination in the Caribbean. The beautiful beaches, the tropical climate with a constant, cooling breeze, the world class diving, the various snorkeling and wind-surfing sites, the casinos and nightlife, the excellent international and local “krioyo” dining, and the duty-free shopping in picturesque Willemstad, capital of Curaçao, are some of our major assets. Some of the other island features include deep sea fishing, the underwater park, the famous Hato caves, the national park, and last but not least, the friendly Curaçaoan. For more information visit or e-mail to the Curacao Tourism Board: